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What Services does a Security Company Offer?

Posted on 25 September 2019

What Services does a Security Company Offer?

When it comes to security, it pays to invest in the services of a company that has enough experience to ensure your business, assets, colleagues and visitors are as safe and secure as they should be.

Security companies offer a wide range of unobtrusive services for practically any need and we’d like to provide a brief overview of the most popular services they provide.

Manned guarding

This is how people in the security industry refer to security guards, security officers and most other forms of static security that’s designed to deal with properties that have high value assets and considerable footfall.

You’ll often find manned guarding at construction sites and gatehouses for large industrial, manufacturing and distribution warehouses. The number of guards on shift depends on their responsibilities, but expect them to be presentable, professional and ambassadors of your business.

Mobile patrols

Mobile patrols (or ‘roving patrols’ as they’re sometimes referred to) are usually put in place for budgetary reasons.

Typically undertaken by a highly-visible vehicle, mobile patrols enable a scheduled presence of security personnel combined with keyholding and alarm response services. This is a great way to gain peace of mind that your business is being looked after cost effectively without the need for manned guarding during twilight hours.

Event security

Festivals, conferences, weddings, and product launches are big business these days, and the size and complexity of such events demands robust security.

This is where event security comes in. It often features a mix of various security types, but it’s designed principally to ensure the safety of every attendee at the event.

Concierge security

Often referred to as reception security, concierge security is usually put in place within hotels or large commercial buildings and combines reception and security responsibilities.

A concierge security professional is usually the first person people encounter when entering such premises and it’s their duty to be an ambassador for the business to anyone who enters the property. They should also offer a professional customer service and be prepared to go the extra mile at all times.

Retail security

If you’ve walked past a retail store recently and noticed a guard standing by the door, you’ll have witnessed retail security in action.

Rather more commonplace now than it was in the past, retail security can be found in large high street stores, shopping centres, and retail outlets. Their presence is designed to deter theft and other forms of crime, but they’re highly trained, capable of high levels of customer service, and can step into action should something go wrong.

Door supervision

More commonly known as bouncers, door supervisors are usually situated at the entrance to bars, pubs, and clubs amongst other licensed premises.

These professionals typically deal with a vast range of clientele, some of whom may be under the influence of drugs and alcohol, therefore skills in preventing conflict from escalating are vital, as is the ability to ensure venue policies are adhered to and keeping a level head under pressure.

CCTV controllers

These people are in charge of controlling CCTV in commercial and public venues.

The role has changed considerably in recent years thanks to remote access technology, but there are still plenty of instances where CCTV controllers can be found sat in front of a bank of monitors keeping an eye on proceedings - particularly at festivals, sporting events, shopping centres, and retail stores.

If a constant presence isn’t required, remote CCTV controllers can monitor properties via an alarm signal. This is a cost effective way to monitor your property.

Wrapping up

Are you surprised by how far security company’s services extend?

It’s why they can be found in virtually every walk of life these days, but the world is a safer place, thanks to the wonderful work they undertake.

It’s why we’re so proud of our own team. If you’d like to discuss security for your own purposes, we’d love to have a chat.

Need more help or want to discuss your security in confidence? Contact us now or request a quotation here. We’ll be right back with you.

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